The main event of International Dance Day may be organized at UNESCO or at a place chosen by ITI, in Paris, or at another location. Since 2005 for most of the main events of International Dance Day the message author was present. Since 2009 the main events has included performances by or associated with the message author.

In 2016 the main event was held on 29 April at La Villette in Paris. With the patronage of UNESCO, performances from Samoa / New Zealand, France and China were present. The International Dance Day Celebration was sponsored by the FOSUN Foundation. More than 1000 guests that attended the event ensured the 2016 ceremony in Paris was a great success.

As soon as the next message author for International Dance Day is selected and ITI has made its decision for the location of the main event, information will be posted here.

>>For more information about the event in Paris 2016
>>Brochure of the event in Paris 2016