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The International Theatre Institute ITI is pleased to announce that, with celebrations in various forms in different dance communities all over the world, the International Dance Day 2023 main celebration will happen from 24 to 30 April in Shanghai. This event is co-organized by ITI, Shanghai Theatre Academy and the China Dance Association.

The International Dance Day 2023 main celebration will include a Conference, Gala Night and workshops on different topics of dance. The theme of the Conference is Dance · Future: Developing the Traditions and Expanding the Boundaries, with experts and specialists from different countries, exploring the development of dance, traditional dance in the future. The Gala Night, titled Dance: The Dialogue with Nature, Life and the World, will invite dance artists from China, Samoa/New Zealand, MAPUCHE, Chile and the Korea Republic to present their work. The Message Author, Yang Liping will also bring two pieces of dance from her well-known works, performed by the dancers of her company.

The Gala Night of the main celebration of IDD 2023 in Shanghai will be Livestreamed.

>>Click here to know more about the programme of the Gala Night.

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Happy International Dance Day 2023!

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International Dance Day 2023 Celebration